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Save The Game

Save the Game™ led by former MLB Star Jeff Frye, Kevin Gallagher and Pat Geoghegan is a national movement designed to bring about change in MLB. The game has changed and lost its entertainment value with its reliance on the power swing that results in less action between home runs. Our youth are not engaged with MLB. The game has become too slow for this generation and we need them if we are going to Save the Game™ and grow the game! Together we can Save the Game™ and grow the game for our Youth and Baseball! …WE NEED YOU!

Save the Game on FiredUP Network


Ryan Paton is joined in conversation with former Major League Baseball player Jeff Frye, author Kevin Gallagher and Pat Geoghegan as they are spearheading a movement to save Major League Baseball called “Save the Game.” Getting baseball back to its grass roots and the fundamentals of the game while increasing viewership and invigorating the baseball audience. Listen to the conversation below!